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Hit The Targets!

Hit The Targets!
3 to 4 years child activity
Fine Motor
Gross motor

Your kiddo has grown enough to balance his body. He can run, skip, hop and jump. There are tasks which your child can perform without any difficulty. As a parent, you need to spend time with your child so that he can develop better skills. This activity will help your child enhance his cognitive skills through eye hand coordination. This is a task, which would help him gain focus. 

What you can do:

1. You can place toy building blocks at a distance and ask your child to hit it with a soft ball. It will take some time for him to perfect his throwing. 

2. Once your child is learning you can make this task more difficult for him. You can even place a single plastic bottle and place it at a significant distance. This would surely test your child’s focus. 

As a parent you need to actively participate with your child so that he stays motivated. Do not let your kid lose hope. Appreciate his efforts when he performs well.