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"Hopity- Hop - Hop" - Fun game of Hopping Backwards

"Hopity- Hop - Hop" - Fun game of Hopping Backwards
4 to 5 years child activity
4y to 5y

This is the age when your child has learnt to control his body. He can run, crawl, hop and slide. You as a parent need to teach him advance activities so that he can grow as a strong person. Ask your child to hop backwards.


1. Choose an open area which is free from stones or sharp objects.
2. Ask the child to hop backwards without any support.
3. You can offer a demo so that he can learn the exact technique.
4. Once the kid has perfected this then ask him to hop backwards on one leg.

You can compete in a backward hopping race with the kid so as to test his training. Such tasks are good for the development of the child. He would gain focus as well as physical strength after practicing such tasks.