How To Aim Targets- A Cognitive Booster

How To Aim Targets- A Cognitive Booster
3 to 4 years child activity
Fine Motor
Hand muscle control

Your kid can now jump, run and balance his body without falling. He has learnt to focus which is a good thing. This is the perfect time when you can teach them how to improve their cognitive skills. There are numerous activities which would help the kid develop a sharp mind along with good physique. This one serves the purpose aptly.


1. You need to arrange a plastic cup which is kept at a distance.
2. Now ask the child to throw a coin into the cup. You can compete with the kid in order to make the task interesting.
3. Once this is done, you can now ask him to throw a ball in order to make the plastic cup fall down. Make sure the glass cup is kept at a farther distance this time.

You can plan out similar activities which helps your kid improve his hand-eye coordination. Never let your child lose hope. Motivate him at every point so that he perfects this activity.