Introduction to First Aid!

Introduction to First Aid!
5 to 6 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

Teaching your child to do basic first aid. Make him aware of the importance of the first aid kit as he can not only help himself during an emergency, but also he can help others in need.

Requisites: A first aid kit


1. Introduce your child to a first aid kit with bandage, Dettol, crepe bandage, soframycine, pain relief spray etc. Instruct him when to use what.

2. Start with simple bandage. Teach him how to un-wrap the bandage and how to stick correctly on the injury. Also teach him to wrap the crepe bandage in case of a leg sprain.

3. Now teach him how to help himself or others who have an injury. If it is bleeding, teach him how to stop it by applying soframycine and tying a tight bandage and a knot in the end. Apart from these also teach him the precautions to be taken while providing first aid.

A little aid at the right time can save a life. Why not introduce your child to the importance of first aid at this age?