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It Is Not Just A Box

It Is Not Just A Box
3 to 4 years child activity
Learning Approaches

Cardboard box is not just a box, it is a Pandora box which can make your child’s imagination run fast. Make a cardboard box fort and make your child feel like a king!!

Requisites: 2-3 cardboard boxes (old appliances box or boxes with the grocery etc.) tape, colorful papers (used gifting papers, color papers), artificial flowers from old flower vases, hot glue gun, cutter


1. Take a large cardboard box, the height and width of the box should be at least enough for your child to sit in comfortably with her favorite toy.

2. Place the box vertically and cut out the base. Mark the door on the front side of the cardboard box and cut the door.

3. Take another box, a little smaller than the first box. Mark a window and cut it out with a cutter.

4. Take box 2 and apply glue on the outer portion of the side on to the left hand side with the help of a hot glue gun.

5. Stick box 2 to box 1, you will see that your drawing hall with a door and a room with a window is ready. You can apply tape at the edges to ensure the fort is strong and does not collapse.

6. Take colour papers and stick it as per your child's imagination on the outer portion of the fort. 

7. You can stick artificial flowers at the lower end of the window to give a pleasant feeling of greenery around. 

8. Once the decoration is done, your cardboard fort is ready and all alive.

This activity helps you to bond with your child and create a new masterpiece. This also develops the ability to create and imagine something new. Build houses and build your imagination!