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It’s Time To Make Pet Cactus Pot

It’s Time To Make Pet Cactus Pot
4 to 5 years child activity

It’s time to bring out the creativity of your little one with this fun filled activity of making a pet cactus pot which can be enjoyed during his free time.

Requisites: Small sized rocks 2-3, googly eyes, black marker pen, acrylic Paint (preferably shades of green, white and brown), thermocol cups  2-3, fevicol glue


1.  Take a smooth rock and clean it thoroughly.

2. Now ask your little one to paint the rocks with different shades of green colour each without leaving a single spot.

3. Draw slanting lines and dotted pattern on the rocks using white colour paint.

4. It’s time to stick the googly eyes using glue, in case you don’t have googly eyes you can draw them using black marker.

5. Paint the glasses with brown paint and put the rocks in it.

6. Watch your little one playing with their new toy.

This activity will help your child to be creative with colours and make an interesting use of usual objects as he learns to recycle them.