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Learn Alphabets Using Pictures

Learn Alphabets Using Pictures
4 to 5 years child activity
Verbal language

Learning the alphabets pave way to language learning in a child’s life. It is essential for their wholesome development. 


1.You need an alphabet book or plastic alphabets, a paper and a pencil.

2. Spread out the alphabets in front of your kid or open an alphabet book.

3.Now as you introduce each alphabet, relate them to a fruit or an animal so that it becomes easy for your child to remember. For eg. A for apple.

4. Now, tell them more about alphabets- the sequence and number of alphabets in the English language.Help them memorise the same.

5. Ask them to write down the alphabets serially on a paper.

This activity shall help them remember the alphabets and learn them faster. do not forget to reward them with cookies on completion of the task.