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Learn Left And Right In An Innovative Way!

Learn Left And Right In An Innovative Way!
2 to 3 years child activity
Cognitive Development

Make your little one aware of left and right directions with this innovative activity that he will also enjoy and remember. You can tie bands on your child’s wrist and make him learn in a fun-filled way.

Requisites: Old Cardboard, colorful papers, thin foam, glue stick, colors (water or sketch pen), colorful strings.


1. Take a big square cardboard and cut it into any desired shape that would fit perfectly on your child’s wrist.

2. Now cut the foam into the same shape and size and stick it with a glue.

3. Decorate it with colorful paper and again stick it by using glue. 

4. You can now decorate it by using different colors or sketch pens.

5. On each wristband, put alphabet ‘R’ for right direction and ‘L’ for left direction made out of colorful papers.

6. Now paste strings on each band so that it can be easily tied to the wrist.

This activity is a perfect example of making your child aware of directions as you can ask him to raise his left hand and then right hand turn by turn.