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Learn to Count in Sequence

Learn to Count in Sequence
4 to 5 years child activity
Sequence recognition
Working memory

For being excellent in Maths, the very first thing you need to ace is counting numbers. Your child may find it difficult initially, but will learn with time. Keep it simple, you can start with numbers one to ten.


1.You just need  paper and pencil for the activity.

2. Tell your child about the game. Start with drawing an apple (anything your child knows well), then two, three, till ten in a sequenced manner.

3. Now point out at the first apple and ask him how many are there. If they are finding difficult, teach them how to count. Once they know one, proceed to the next sequence.

4. Now, count all the ten sequences, and by the end your child will learn how to count one to ten using pictures.

Make use of hands to ease their task. These games can be played anywhere and at anytime.