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Learning The Basics Of Team Sports

Learning The Basics Of Team Sports
4 to 5 years child activity
Group Participation

Now that your little one is 4-5 year old, he should know the importance of playing sports with a team rather than playing it alone. This also teaches him the quality of working together and gelling well with other kids.

Requisites: Ice cream cones, different flavored ice cream, colorful cherries, dry fruits (cut into small pieces), chocolate pieces (cut into small pieces), flavored chocolate syrups


1. Take ice-cream cones and other given things and put them on a big table. Now divide the group of kids into two teams.

2. Let them come near the table and explain to them the activity of making beautiful ice-cream cones on their own. 

3. Also tell them that the team who will create the cone first, in the most creative way will win the game.

4. After they are done with the activity, let them make their own cones individually as their winning prize.

This activity is very enjoyable and also includes lot of coordination and team building. This will flow the creative ideas of your child and he will understand the meaning of team sports in an easy way. So let him enjoy with his team through this wonderful activity!