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Let's Build A Carton Turtle

Let's Build A Carton Turtle
3 to 4 years child activity
3y to 4y

At this stage, your child is able to identify a bunch of animals. Your child will primarily use colors and shapes to identify each animal. This activity is a brilliant platform for your child to learn about animals and the colors of their bodies. It also help your kid understand some basic features of animals as well. You may try the activity with few other animals too.

Requirements: Cardboard egg carton, green paint, pompoms, curling ribbon, googly eyes, construction paper, paint brush, scissors, glue


1. Cut out one of the cups from the egg carton and smoothen its edges uniformly.

2. After the cup is cut, paint it green from all sides and keep it aside to dry.

3. Once the color dries up, wrap around a curling ribbon around the pompom and safely paste it with glue.

4. Since the face is ready, now is the time to paste the googly eyes on to the curling ribbon.

5. Paste the pompom on to the egg cup in order to get the head and body of the turtle.

6. Now, cut out the construction paper to make the leg, and paste on the body of the turtle.

The activity can be carried out for other animals and can bring out your kid's creativity. This enables your child to know more about animals and their characteristics.