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Let's Decorate The Toilet Rolls

Let's Decorate The Toilet Rolls
3 to 4 years child activity
Motor development

At this stage, your kid is more amazed by things other than toys because he sees you using them. Your kid is all the more amazed by things that belong in the bin! It’s now time to introduce the benefits of reusing and recycling on a light note. This activity is ideal to teach your little sweetheart how to reuse the things out the recycling bin. This is also the best activity to engage your little one for hours. Moreover, this activity helps your kiddo to develop motor skills.

Requisites: Toilet paper rolls or cardboard rolls, color paper, glue, scissors, paints and brushes, tape.


1. Take the empty paper rolls and now start decorating them using color paper, stickers, paint, etc.

2. You can decorate as many rolls as you like.

3. Allow your kiddo to construct crazy sculptures, help only when needed.

4. Now allow them to dry properly.

5. You can now make the towers of these rolls. Use the glue or the tape to make the rolls stay at their place.

This activity costs you almost nothing but will help your sweetie pie develop imagination and creative skills. Put these little towers aside in the room on the table to show off. This will boost the confidence level of your little one.