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Let's Draw A Human Figure!

Let's Draw A Human Figure!
3 to 4 years child activity
Fine Motor

At this age, you can work on your child's cognitive skills. Your child gains good motor skills, which can help him carry out a lot of activities. This activity is a complicated task but can be taught with patience. Your kiddo will enhance his creativity and fine motor skills. 

Requisites: Paper, pencil.


1. Grab the attention of your kid. You need to give a simple demo by drawing different parts of the human body. Do not force him but let him observe the method with ease. 

2. Let him try different parts on his own by looking at an image. You can guide him when he goes wrong. The best way is, make your kid draw a single body part and then let him try the other. 

3. There are square sketching sheets available, which can be used for this task. You need to be very supportive during this task. It doesn’t matter if your kid makes mistakes but the main motive is to let him get familiar with the technique. You can also hold his hand and teach him the correct way.

This actiivty will also help you bond with your kid better!