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Let's Explore A Coconut

Let's Explore A Coconut
6 to 7 years child activity

Your bundle of joy is exploring the world through his five senses. With a hands on activity, you can guide your child to understand what is the function of each of the senses.One simple activity can be getting your child to explore  a coconut.

1.You will need-Coconut( one full and one half),Markers, Ruler and Chart paper.

2. Give your child a whole as well as a half coconut.

3. Ask him to describe in his own words how the coconut feels, tastes, smells, looks and sounds.

4. On a colourful chart paper, ask your child to give a title say: 'Coconut-Exploration with my five senses'.

5. With the help of a ruler make five columns-one for each sense. Name the sense and draw the respective sense organ to each name.

6. Get him to write his description of coconut using the respective sense. For instance, under look, he can write 'Hard from outside, soft from inside' etc.

7. He can finish his activity by drawing a coconut or coconut tree.

Through this simple activity, your child gets an understanding of the five senses and sense organs.