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Let's Give A Compliment!

Let's Give A Compliment!
7 to 8 years child activity
Verbal language
Family Bonding

When you give someone a compliment, you are saying something nice that makes the person feel good. You can carry out this giving a compliment activity. This can be played over the weekend with all the family members. It will be a good bonding experience for your kiddo and he will improve his communication skills. 


1. Give instructions before you carry out the activity. "Compliment something about the way a person (your child) looks, something that the person (child) has done well, something nice he (child) has done for someone, something the (person) child owns, or something about one of the qualities he posses, for example, kid is nice, strong, funny, etc.  

2. The person who has been complimented should say, “Thank you,” and the person giving the compliment should respond, “You’re welcome.” 

3. The person who has been complimented then chooses another person to compliment. Continue the activity until everyone has given and received a compliment. 

4. When this activity is completed, ask the family members to talk about the best compliment that they ever received. Why did they choose that compliment? So that your child feels that the activity is for everyone. 

This activity will help your family members appreciate your child and he will learn to communicate in a better way.