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Let's Go Fishing In A Bowl!

Let's Go Fishing In A Bowl!
3 to 4 years child activity
Fine Motor
Hand muscle control

Does your kid constantly feel bored to play the same old games? It’s time to kill the boredom. This is an activity which every kid would love as young kids are very inclined towards colors and colorful fishes. Fishing is very exciting for kids and such an activity brings enthusiasm and excitement in your little one. He will tune fine motor skills and fingers and hand movement.

Requisites: 2 free fish printables, Wool or String, Twig or Chopstick, 2 magnets (probably older ones), 14 Metal paper clips, Glue, Color Pencils, Scissors


1. The very first step is to print out a sheet of fish for the number of players who are there.

2. Color your fishes as per your liking and once dried, cut them out.

3. Now match the same fish cut outs and paste them together with each other while placing a metal paper clip inside them.

4. While placing the clip make sure to keep the end a bit out of the front of the fishes pasted.

5. Once fishes are ready, take a twig or chopstick whichever is available and create a fishing pole by wrapping around the wool or string at the end of twig or chopstick and leave some of the wool or string hanging loose in the air.

6. Attach or tie a magnet at the end of the loose hanging string. Now you and your kid are good to go for fishing.

7. Take a bowl and place all the fishes you made and the magnetic string to catch fishes.

A mind-blowing activity to have fun with just two objects. It not only helps understand concepts of motion, but helps in better imagination and conceptualization of objects as to, how to color the fishes, what has to be the dimension and how many fishes can be adjusted in a bowl. Also allow your kid to decide with how many people he wants to enjoy this activity with. You may bring more zest by introducing time concept as to the one who collects maximum fishes in a stipulated time will win the game.