Let's Have Some Fun With Books!

Let's Have Some Fun With Books!
3 to 4 years child activity
Sensory ability

This auditory activity is going to be real fun and at the same time is an easy way to keep your child active while developing and enhance his listening and observational skills.

Requisites: A book which has some interesting pictures or shapes in it.   


1. Take any book with some interesting pictures.

2. Show the pictures to your child and ask him to identify the name of that picture.

3. While showing pictures to your child, occasionally behave as if you don’t know what that picture is or take a wrong guess of that picture.

4. Let your child correct you or ask him to name it.

5. Let your child take the opportunity to identify and tell you what it is.

This picture based communication is an effective method for improving his listening skills. This activity will increase your child’s ability to listen, helps him understand and interpret what he hears from you and also help him in identifying and recognizing words.