Let’s Make A Peg Crocodile

Let’s Make A Peg Crocodile
3 to 4 years child activity
Fine Motor
Eye-Hand movement

At this age, your kid loves to create something new. This activity is simple and very creative. It will improve his creativity and imaginative skills. 

Requisites: A wooden peg (clothespin), green paint, paint brush, googly eyes, green and white chart paper, scissors, pencil, glue, small magnet, newspaper.


1. Spread the newspaper on a flat surface.

2. Take a wooden peg, place it peg on the newspaper.

3. Let your child paint the peg entirely green with the help of a paint brush. Let it dry.

4. Now, cut green chart paper with the help of scissors and paste it on the painted clothespin. This becomes the body of the crocodile.

5. Now, its turn to make the feet of the crocodile. Cut green chart paper (two pieces of same size). Fold them slightly and paste it below the crocodile’s body.

6. Paste googly eyes on the front side with the help of glue.

7. Take white chart paper and draw zig zag teeth of the crocodile with a pencil.

8. Cut the teeth and paste them on the peg with the help of glue.

9. Your amazing Peg Crocodile is ready. 

You can also stick a small magnet on the back of the peg crocodile with glue and fix the peg crocodile on the refrigerator. The activity will hone your kid's creative and motor skills as well.