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Let's Make A Poster

Let's Make A Poster
5 to 6 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

At this age, your child is open to creativity and learning. This is a simple creative activity that will help in expanding the creative skills of your child.


Requisites: Magazine cut-outs of animals, a blank chart paper of a say A4 size, and some sketch pens. 


1. Give your child the cut-outs and ask him to stick one by one on the chart paper neatly. Instruct him to leave some space to write about each picture. In case he gets confused, you could show him once.

2. As he sticks, instruct him to evenly spread out the glue so that the work looks neat.

3. Once all pictures are pasted, ask him to write down the name of each animal below it using sketch pens.

You could also ask him to write a description for the animal, example: the dashing lion, the charming deer and so on. This activity has a dual advantage. It helps your child to arrange things as well as enhances his writing skills.