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Let's Make Abraham Lincoln's Hat

Let's Make Abraham Lincoln's Hat
5 to 6 years child activity
Learning Approaches

This activity on making Abraham Lincoln’s hat, will not only hone your child's creative skills but you can also educate your child about Abraham Linclon when you are doing so! 

Requisites: Paper plate, black paint, 2 sheets of black construction paper, glue, tape, and scissors.


1. Paint the paper black. Allow it to dry.

2. Cut out the centre of the plate, leaving an outside rim about two inches thick for the brim of the hat.

3. Place two sheets of construction paper side by side vertically so that the longest sides of the paper are touching. Tape or glue them together.

4. Cut half-inch slits along the bottom of the construction paper, about 1 inch apart.

5. Roll up the construction paper so that the two remaining sides touch, and glue or tape them together so that you have a long, cylindrical tube.

6. Fold the slits out at a 90-degree angle.

7. Place the tube, slit-side down, on top of the plate and glue it down. You may find it helpful to weigh the tube down with several sheets of paper in order to allow the glue enough time to dry.

You can tell him, the best-known aspect of Abraham Lincoln’s image is, his top hat. It is said that he would often carry legal papers and letters. It is an easy fun learning activity.