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Let's Make Green Leafy Soup

Let's Make Green Leafy Soup
4 to 5 years child activity
Fine Motor
Motor development

It is important for your kiddo to learn, have fun, play and spend time in the garden. Your kiddo will love this sensory experience and it is sure to stir her interest. 

Requisites: A bucket filled with water, kitchen utensils: a large bowl, ladle, whisk and a large spoon, leaves, flowers.


1. Ask your kiddo to collect leaves and flowers from the garden.

2. Take a large bowl and fill water, in it.

3. Add collected leaves, flowers into the bowl and mix using a whisk,

a ladle, a large spoon.

4. And there you go the soup is ready. Allow her to tip the bowl, dumping all the leaves out and start the process over again. 

Your kiddo will be engaged in using all her senses, she can touch and feel  the dirt, seeds, and flowers; see the vibrant colors and varied sizes of plants, hear chirping of birds and smell the amazing scents of flowers.