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Let’s Make Stalactite and Stalagmite!

Let’s Make Stalactite and Stalagmite!
6 to 7 years child activity

This science experiment definitely works as a soother for your little science or fantasy lover. This experiment will make your child busy for 2-3 weeks. This activity also helps your kiddo to develop his motor and imagination and cognitive skills.

Requisites: Two glass jars, baking soda, a spoon, string, paperclips, water, a saucer.


1. Take two glass jars and fill both the jars with hot water.

2. Add baking soda to the water in the both jars in an amount that can be easily dissolvable.

3. Mix it well in both the jars.

4. Cut a piece of string and tie the clip to both the ends of the string as weight.

5. Now dip each end of the string with the clip in each jar.

6. Place a saucer between the two jars to catch the drops easily. Leave the jars as it is.

7. Wait and watch for 2-3 weeks and you will see that a stalactite will grow there. 

Now get ready to answer questions asked by your kiddo. This activity is a good exercise for your child to enhance his observational skills.