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Let’s Talk In Sign Language

Let’s Talk In Sign Language
3 to 4 years child activity
Learning Skills

This is an activity for you and your kiddo if you really want to spend quality time with him. This not only helps your sweetie pie to develop his motor skills but will also help him to develop his language and learning skills. 

Requisites: Word stickers, colors, sketch pens, chart paper.


1. Take word stickers and ask your child to see if he can recognize letters of words.

2. Then involve your kiddo in making up signs/signals with his hands, arms and his little fingers.

3. Also tell your him that every signal stands for a word or an expression.

4. Now you can play it as a game and ask your kiddo to repeat all the signals one by one.

5. This way, you are also helping him to develop his learning skills.

It is very useful for those kids who are shy and not expressive. Moreover, you can develop a secret language with your kid.