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Let's Taste Water!

Let's Taste Water!
5 to 6 years child activity
Health & Wellness

Your kid has now attained his taste buds and has developed brains to distinguish among various tastes and things. This activity will help him learn to make out the difference between drinking and saline water when he is out of the house.

Requisites: Tap water, filter water, salt, spoon and glasses.


1. Place two glasses in front of your child, one filled with filtered water and another to be normal tap water.

2. Let 1 glass be as it is and to the other add salt so that it adds to the saline nature of water.

3. Ask your kiddo to taste both the water in turns.

4. He will for sure like the filter water due to its taste and then draw a comparison as to how these 2 waters are from different sources and which one is better for health and better in taste. 

5. Communicate to him the message aloud and clear that most of the diseases and infections are caused by impure dirty water and he should stay away from such water. 

The activity is to educate your kid on how pure and clear drinking water is and that it can save him from many water borne diseases and will help him to stay strong and healthy.