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Let's Try Imaginative Play!

Let's Try Imaginative Play!
3 to 4 years child activity
Cognitive Development

At home, you as a parent, need to be your kid'd teacher so that he can learn new tasks to polish his intellect. Imaginative plays are a very good source to open your child’s creative and visionary front. You can also take part in such activities to make the child feel more confident. There are numerous objects which can be used for such plays. 

Requisites: Cardboard and items in and around the house. 


1. You can offer a cardboard and ask your kid to use it as a castle. Object utilization and role play is combined in such tasks. 

2. You need to observe your child’s actions and behaviour during such games. The best way is to ask more kids of the same age join this task. Your child would feel comfortable and would love to perform such a task with a happy face. 

This will enhance your kiddo's imaginative skills and will make him creative!