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"Let's Wrap A Gift" - Teach Your Kid How To Wrap A Gift!

"Let's Wrap A Gift" - Teach Your Kid How To Wrap A Gift!
3 to 4 years child activity
Fine Motor

This is the age when the child can grow his cognitive skills to the fullest. He is learning how to channelize his limbs and arms in order to perform different tasks. As a parent teach him new tasks which are interesting and useful at the same time. Make the child learn how to wrap a gift. You have to offer proper demonstrations so that the kid can learn this art.

1. Get your child interested in the activity. Offer a vibrant wrapping paper and colorful stationery set so that the child shows interest.
2. Offer a pair of scissors which is easy to handle. Now show the kid how to place the gift item in the centre of the paper.Fold it from all ends around the item. 3.Show him how to join the ends. Cut a triangular shape in order to fold the paper inside.
4.Paste the paper with a tape.

This might require few days of practice. Motivate him at every step if he fails to perform this task perfectly. This activity shall help your child focus.