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Look! Germs Are Sparkling!

Look! Germs Are Sparkling!
2 to 3 years child activity

Does your child resist to wash his hands regularly? If yes, then this activity is definitely for your kiddo. This activity also helps your sweetie pie to develop his  hygiene and motor skills.

Requisites: Golden color craft glitter


1. Sprinkle a bit of golden glitter on your kiddo’s hands.

2. Now tell your sweetheart that these glitter granules are just like germs on his hands and that these germs can make him fall sick. 

3. Tell your kiddo that the germs are also very small like glitter granules and stick to his hands as he touches different things, surfaces or shake his hands with someone else.

4. Explain to him that how germs spread from person to person or from different surfaces to him.

5. Now show him that by thoroughly washing his hands, he can get rid of these germs easily.

This is a great way to make your kiddo understand that there are things present which he can’t even see. One good example of it are germs. This activity can also act as a motivation to your kiddo who generally is lazy to wash his hands.