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Look! Grapes Turn Into Raisins!

Look! Grapes Turn Into Raisins!
6 to 7 years child activity

You always want your kid to be more patient and relaxed about things in life. This fun-filled activity is the best way to make him more patient and creative at the same time. 

Requisites: Grapes, bowl


1. You can start with 5 juicy ripe grapes, they are perfect to begin the experiment with.

2. Ask him to put them in a tray and keep it uncovered on a table. You can put them under the sun for some time, to make the process faster.

3. Once he does this, then automatically everyday he will start to check on them if the grapes are changing its color or not.

4. And finally after 2 months, your child will get his raisins and will share his joy and excitement with you over the whole process.

This activity is a perfect example of telling your kiddo how patience always pays off but not in a preachy way but in a fun filled way!