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Make A Necklace Of Beads

Make A Necklace Of Beads
7 to 8 years child activity
Fine Motor
Motor development

Now teaching your kid to make a necklace out of beads will be a fun craft activity. Your kiddo will enhance her creativity skills during this task. 

Requisites: A thread, needle and loads of beads.


1. Take a thread of sufficient length and insert it into the needle and make sure the double fold is enough to fit around your kid's neck without suffocating her. Then tie a knot at the end.

2. Now assist your kid while she insert beads into the thread through the needle. Supervise your kid while she does this.

3. When all beads are inserted, remove the needle and tie both the ends of a thread with a knot, thick enough so that it doesn’t come out.

The bead necklace is ready. This activity will enhance your kid's creative skills.