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Make A Parachute Toy

Make A Parachute Toy
3 to 4 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

At this age, your can teach your child to be creative. Making a toy figure would surely please your little one. Teach your child how to make a toy parachute.

Requisites: A small object which has mass, example: stone or an eraser, a handkerchief and a long thread.


1. Make your child sit in front of you so that you can offer a demonstration. Show him how to tie the four ends of the handkerchief with threads and tie them together to the stone.

2. Now make sure that the threads are not looped or stretched.

3. Then throw the parachute in the air to make it float and come down.

This is a very easy-to-make toy which would please your child in every way. Make sure your child performs this activity under your supervision. You can create similar toys on a weekly basis to enhance the creative front of your little one.