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Make A Wind Spinner

Make A Wind Spinner
6 to 7 years child activity
Motor development

This activity is very useful if you want to teach your kiddo to reuse items from the bin or reuse the recyclable things. It will also help your kiddo to develop his creativity and motor skills.

Requisites: An empty cold drink bottle with a lid, 4 different color tape rolls, plastic knife, a brass barrel swivel, string, a paper clip.


1. Take the plastic bottle and remove the label off. In place of the label put different color tapes on the bottle. You can put up to six to seven layers of tape on it.

2. Then, make slits at about every 2 cm of the tape with the help of a knife. Help your kiddo in making the slits.

3. After that, push the bottle from the top to the bottom to make the strips flare out. Make a fold by pinching each strip across the middle.

4. Now, angle the strips from the top and bottom so that they catch the wind easily. 

5. Make a 45 degree fold to the right, both at the top and bottom of each strip.

6. Now, make a hole through the top of the bottle either by heating the paper clip or a kitchen skewer so that it can make a hole with the heat. Or hammer a nail through it.

7. To keep it in place, straighten the paper clip so that it becomes a straight piece of wire.

8. Thread it through one eyelet of swivel and fold it over, twist both the ends together. Thread them through the hole at the top of the plastic bottle lid. Tie the string to the other end and close the bottle with the help on a lid.

9. Hang your wind spinner near a window/door or outside on a tree and enjoy seeing it spin in the wind.

This cheerful, attractive wind spinner is very easy to make and will surely be loved by your little one.  Also, let your kiddo choose the colors of the tape.