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Make Your Child Learn How To Aim Plastic Cup Targets

Make Your Child Learn How To Aim Plastic Cup Targets
2 to 3 years child activity
Fine Motor
Eye-Hand movement

Teach your child this fun activity of aiming targets with a ball. This task would help him improve his gross motor skills and would also offer him with focus.

Requisites: Few plastic cups and a ball.


1. Place the plastic cups on a table which is kept at a significant distance.

2. Now hand the ball to your child and ask him to aim at the cups.

3. You can transform this activity into a game and ask your kid to target the maximum cups to make them fall down.

You can plan out similar activities which helps your kid to improve his hand-eye coordination. Never let your child lose hope. Motivate him at every point so that he perfects this activity. You can play this game with your kid every evening and reward him with a candy whenever he performs well.