Make Your Morning Cereals

Make Your Morning Cereals
3 to 4 years child activity
Self Regulation

Make your kid learn activities that makes him self-dependent. This would help him perform various tasks without any assistance. Teach your child how to prepare his own morning cereals.

Requisites: bowl, milk and cereal box.


1. Show your kid how to first pour milk into a bowl and then add cereal to it.

2. Make sure your kid handles a bowl that is not too big. Do not let your child pour milk from a large height difference. This might spill the milk. Ask him to bring the container close to the stationery bowl and then slowly pour milk. 

3. Then ask him to stir the content so that the flavour can spread evenly.

This activity is a basic to make your child grow self-reliant. You can make your child practice object handling which would help him in this task. Make sure you make your kid practice this daily.