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Make Your Own Colourful Lava Lamp

Make Your Own Colourful Lava Lamp

A lava lamp is a novelty that can be a really cool boredom and stress buster when looked at, in the dark. Let your child make his own lava lamp with simple resources from the kitchen and get creative. 

Requisites: A glass jar, vegetable oil, water, food colouring of your child’s choice, glitter (for a sparkling effect), salt


1. Help your child fill three-quarters of the glass jar with water.

2. Now, let him add food colouring to the water till it becomes a shade that he likes. Sprinkle a little bit of the glitter for some sparkle.

3. Next, let him add vegetable oil to the coloured water till the glass jar is almost full.

4. Wait for some time for the two liquids to settle and form distinct layers. The lighter oil will be floating on top of the denser coloured water.

5. Now shake salt into the jar for about five seconds and wait.

6. The glob of salt and oil will sink to the bottom and after some time when the salt dissolves, the small oil globs will start rising to the top forming a beautiful lava lamp effect.

7. Once the bubbles stop, you can add more salt and the effect will be repeated.

8. You can even do this in the dark and shine a small torch behind the glass jar for a glowing lava lamp effect!

For your child, this is a simple, amazing and attractive activity that will spark his interest in creativity and learning.