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Make Your Own Masterpiece

Make Your Own Masterpiece
2 to 3 years child activity
2y to 3y
Eye-Hand movement

This paper folding activity can not only surprise your child but it will also help your toddler follow instructions, observe better, improve his eye-hand coordinatioon and learn fun items through this origamy activity. Be the first teacher to your toddler during their age of learning.

Requisites: Different colorful square papers 


1. Decide what you want to make.

2. Learn it yourself before you teach your toddler so that you can surprise him after completing it! 

3. Guide your child with the foldings of the paper to create the masterpiece. 

4. Provide him colourful papers and let him name the colours. 

5. Make him familiar with shapes and show him how exciting it is to play with paper toys. 

Let your child explore the area of art and his understanding with shapes and colours. This activity would keep your child engaged in the activity for long and it will also help him learn through the task.