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Making Your Child Count Fluently Till 100

Making Your Child Count Fluently Till 100
4 to 5 years child activity

Your kid is a preschooler now and he should now be able to count numbers till 100 without any hassle. If he does have a problem then this simple activity will help him out to count fluently and confidently as well.

Requisites: Colored papers, sketch pens


1. Take different color papers and write down numbers on them with the count of 10. Start from ‘0’ and then continue writing ‘10’, ‘20’, ‘30’, ‘40’, ‘50’, ‘60’, ‘70’, ‘80’, ‘90’ and ‘100’. Place them on the floor.

2. Now tell your child to start stepping on each count starting from ‘0’ and also say aloud the number on the card on which he steps.

3. Tell him to reach to ‘100’ number that is kept at the end. This way he will hop and touch each number by saying it aloud.

4. Repeat this activity once or twice in a day and see your kid learning to count till 100 easily.

This activity is very enjoyable for your kid as this includes learning with fun. You can also do the same with your child after he finishes his turn. This will encourage him to learn and do good each time he gets his turn.