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Match the Multiples- Mathematical Skill Booster

Match the Multiples- Mathematical Skill Booster
4 to 5 years child activity
4y to 5y

Ever thought of doing something that would bring your child closer to Maths, the fun way? Here's an activity to teach your little kid how to do simple mathematics.

1. For this task you would require an open area along with a coloured chalk.
2. Write certain digits using the chalk in a single column on the floor.
3. Using the same chalk you need to write their multiples in the next column.
4. Ask your child to match the digits with their first multiples.
5. You can assist the kid when he gets confused.

This is a good learning task for growing kids. It would help in their future mathematics lessons. As a parent you need to be supportive and help your child perform this task with ease. You can change the digits each time in order to test the kid’s ability.