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Match Treats Under The Cup!

Match Treats Under The Cup!
6 to 7 years child activity
Cognitive Development

This fun activity will take gab your kid's attention as he would need to focus on it entirely to match the pairs under the cups. Prepare this game when your kid is busy with something else. You can also ask someone else to prepare the game so that you and your kid can compete with each other. 

Requisites: 28 paper cups (not transparent), 2 each of 14 different pairs of treats such as candy, chocolate bars, or tiny gifts.


1. If you and your kid are playing together, then take turns each to turn over a pair of cups.

2. If the treats underneath match, he can take the cups away, claim the treats as his own and have another go.

3. If they do not match, he must carefully replace the cups and play passes to the next player.

This acitivity will enhance your kids concentration and focus. This will also make him competitive in nature.