My Personalised Wristbands

My Personalised Wristbands
5 to 6 years child activity
Fine Motor

Matching accessories are sought after by young ones. How about making your own wristband to go with that red dress in your closet or the blue one? Interested? Young enthusaistic minds can come up with wonderful ideas for the same. Here is one such activity that helps a child to develop fine motor skills while he or she can have loads of fun too.

1. Find a set of different colored rubber bands. You colud also purchase loom bands.

2. Twist a band between your index finger and middle finger in an 'X' pattern. Fix another band. Now remove the first band and let it hang on the second.

3. Fix a third band. Now remove the second band from both the fingers and let it hang on the third. Continue in the same way as long as you want and make a chain or bracelet of different colors.

Making their own accessories and wearing them can be a moment of pride for them. This activity of twisting and pulling the band also helps the children to use their small muscles. It also enhances eye and hand coordination.