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My Sight Word Apple Tree

My Sight Word Apple Tree
2 to 3 years child activity
Cognitive Development

A new fun way to help your 2 year old learn sight words is making a sight word apple tree. This activity will enhance her obervational skills and build her vocabulary. 

Requisites: Small sight word cards (the, at, etc.), a giant drawing of a tree, chart paper and crayons.


1. Make the small sight word cards with chart paper. 

2. Help your child to draw a giant apple tree on a chart paper.

3.Before your child places the sight words card onto the apple tree, let her read it out. Look for smaller words within the sight words, first sound and last sound in the word, rhyming words like hat, pat, bat.

4. Keep adding sight words to the apple tree. 

5. Once the apple tree is full of sight words, it will act as reference for weeks to come with reading and writing activities. For example: You can ask your child to find words like 'at', 'the' on the apple tree. She will be excited to locate the sight word.

This activity is hands on learning experience for your child. She will use strategies to decode the sight word. She will also try to find smaller word within the sight word. Above all, will become familiar with sight words.