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My Very Own Rainbow Salt Tray

My Very Own Rainbow Salt Tray
6 to 7 years child activity
6y to 7y
Fine Motor

Your child needs some fine motor skills boost at this point. To improve this particular skillset, setting up a rainbow salt tray is an easy, cheap and great educational tool which shall entertain her for hours.


1. Things you will need: A Tray, 100gms of cooking salt, Sticky tape, Coloured paper(VIBGYOR colours),A paint brush, Scissor

2. Cut the paper into thin strips and arrange them in the tray in the order of the colours of a rainbow.

3. Place sticky tape over the joints of the paper to avoid salt moving underneath the colour paper.

4. Cover the paper lightly with salt.

5. Your rainbow salt tray is ready to be explored with her imagination and creativity.

6. Get your child to write his name, write words using the brush and as it continues, her face will say it all-FUN.

7. Shake the tray and start again.

This activity serves as a great motivator for children to improve their writing skills and explore their creativity. It's wonderful to watch the colours come through when writing and drawing in the salt.