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Night Sky On Paper

Night Sky On Paper
5 to 6 years child activity
Cognitive Development

Your child is naturally fascinated with the sky, sun, moon, stars, rain, and clouds! Here’s a way you can encourage your child’s creativity to run wild!

Requisites: Medium weight paper (white), crayons, water colours, large brush, newspaper.


1. Share a few famous nightscape paintings with your child so that he knows how the moon, stars and other celestial objects are represented.

2. Encourage your child to draw his favourite nightscape using crayons. Have him use as many bright colours as he can.

3. Spread the old newspaper on the floor and ask him to brush through the night scape with black poster paint.

4. Allow the paint to dry.

5. You will soon notice the painting with just a shade of black over it, makes it look like the night sky he can see from his room.

This activity will allow your 5-6 year old to be messy and creative at the same time.