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Nuts And Bolts Activity

Nuts And Bolts Activity
3 to 4 years child activity

Your child needs to be taught various activities that help him improve his cognitive skills. The brain should be tested so that it can grow. 

Requisites: Nuts and bolts of different sizes



1. You can make your child sit. Spread different nuts and bolts that are of varying sizes. Let the child observe them well.

2. Now the test for your kid is to figure out the exact bolt which fits with a particular nut. This would take some time but is a very helpful activity.

3. Show your child how to test every nut for a particular bolt.

This would help him to gain some vision. Do not let your child drop his confidence. You can also assist your kid in this task. This activity can be practiced on a weekly basis and can be played as a game to make it more interesting.