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Orange Candles- Craft Time!

Orange Candles- Craft Time!
4 to 5 years child activity

This is the time when you can rightly boost your kiddo's creativity, especially with the help of crafts. There are numerous craft items that can be made at home. You can teach your child how to make an orange candle.

1. Cut oranges from the centre. Take out the pulp and preserve the shell.
2. Wash the shells and let them dry in the sun for at least at hour.
3. Roll the cotton wicks and fix them in the centre of the orange shell. You can use a pin and poke it in the centre and roll the wick around it.

4. Add some oil to the orange shell. Light up the wick by making it wet with oil.

This is an amazing concept which would be loved by little kids. Ask the child to try this craft activity on his own. You need to be patient enough to explain the concept to your child. This activity shall help your little ones focus on tasks at hand.