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Paper Plate Wall Hanging

Paper Plate Wall Hanging
3 to 4 years child activity
Motor development

Craft activities with your kid can be fun. Crafts are also fun ways to allow your child’s imagination to take shape. Here is an engaging craft activity for him. This activity will help you both to make a cute little wall hanging for his room.

Requisites: 4 paper plates, thick card stock, pink colored craft paper or paints, craft glue, tape if required, googly eyes (optional).


1. One set of paper plates would form the head and one pair would be used to make the body. 

2. Cut out a cat’s face with ears on two plates. Use craft glue to stick both the cut out paper plates together. Remember to leave a tiny opening at the bottom of the face to paste the tongue.

3. Take the remaining pair of plates and stick them with craft glue one above the other. Using pairs of plates would add to the stability of the wall hanging.

4. Once you have the body, cut out proportionate sizes of feet, paws and a tail. Stick them to the paper plates and add details with a marker as required.

5. From the pink craft paper cut out a small tongue and stick it at the opening on the face plate. Also cut two small pieces for the ears. 

6. Draw whiskers and eyes. You could also use google eyes if required. 

7. The curled tail would be the hook to hang the cat.

This can be used either as a wall hanging in any room or a door hanging to suspend at a door knob. You could also let your child choose colors for the cat and stick small papers of colored paper on the body.