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Personalized Magnetic Bug

Personalized Magnetic Bug
6 to 7 years child activity
Verbal language
Shape recognition

Your child is learning about different plant and animal species in Science. Craft can be a nice creative way to introduce them to different types of bugs like butterfly, dragonfly, worms. Pictures from books or magazines can be used for reference.

1.You will need coloured sheets of craft foam,scissors, tacky glue, small googly eyes and small heavy duty magnet.

2.Encourage your child to visualize her favourite bugs. For instance if its a butterfly, let her draw one on a paper.

3. Based on the drawing, let her use the craft foam to cut out various small shapes like circle, oval, triangles etc. You can also help her cut out shapes based on her description.

4. Once the required parts are ready, use the tacky glue to attach all the parts.

5. Then attach googly eyes.

6. Glue the magnet on the back of the bug and allow it to dry.

7. Your bug magnet is ready to go on the fridge, file cabinet or any magnetic surface.

This exercise allows your child to use her imagination and improve her fine motor skills. It makes them feel happier as they have made soething useful in the household.