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Play Bingo With Your Child

Play Bingo With Your Child
3 to 4 years child activity

Your child's thinking capacities are getting better and a good boost is always welcome. There are some regular household games, which can be taught to the kid so as to improve his thinking abilities. The game of Bingo is a simple and interesting one.

Requisites: To play this game you require a pen, scale and sheets of square paper.

1. Make sure your kid is totally focused when you play this game. You have to offer the child with square slips that consists of numbers ranging from 1-25. You can place the numbers in blocks. Use scale and pencil to make these blocks.
3. Make the child understand that with every turn a number has to be chosen from the pot and if that number is present on the sheet then it has to be crossed out.
4. The person who forms a sequence, be it a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, would be a winner.

Make sure that more people play this game so that your kid stays focused and interested. It can be played during your family time.