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Play Dough Cupcakes

Play Dough Cupcakes
2 to 3 years child activity

Art and craft activities are a useful source to improve your child’s cognitive skills. You can take the help of play dough to make your kid prepare cupcakes.

Requisites: Cupcake liners, play dough and buttons.


1. You need to separate different coloured play dough in individual containers.

2. Take a single colour and mould it in the shape of a ball.

3. Take a cupcake liner and compress this ball dough in the liner.

4. Now add the same coloured dough to it to form a cupcake figure.

5. You can add buttons to this cupcake to make it look attractive.

Now ask your child to follow the same steps to make colourful dough cupcakes. Play dough can be used to create a variety of interesting items. Motivate your child so that he can learn to control his creative mind.