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Play The Game Of Chess

Play The Game Of Chess
7 to 8 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

In order to test and develop the intelligence quotient of your child, you can teach her and play with her the game of chess. You may not know when your child turns out to be a good player like Vishwanathan Anand.

Requisites: A chess board


1. Take a chess board and arrange all the players on it. Call up your child and explain the rules.

2. Encourage your child to make the first move. Play loosely and let your child be ahead you in the game. This will give her confidence. You can increase the difficulty level with practice.

3. Now, show her how to give a check-mate, teach her tricks and restart the game. You will amazed to see your child coming up with her own tricks and with time she will flourish in this game.

This activity is not only fun but will enhance your child's cognitive skills. Her intelligence quotient will increase due to this game. So, let's get started!