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Pom-Pom Ball Race

Pom-Pom Ball Race
2 to 3 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

This is a good game to keep your kid entertained. Make sure your child is ready to play the game. This outdoor activity will help your child improve his motor skills. 

Requisites: A pom-pom ball, thick colour tape and a straw. 


1. Form a linear track in an open area near the house in an open garden. Use colour tape for it. 

2. Now you have to define a start and finish spot. 

3. Ask your child to use the straw to blow the pom-pom from the start to the finish line without letting the ball fall off the track. 

4. You can also participate in this task to make it more interesting.

This is a game of patience which would be a positive learning for your child. Don't scold him if he doesn’t perform well. Always motivate him.